ITEX in Salt Lake City - North

Tinamarie Fowler, IFB
A franchisee of ITEX Corp
2005 N. Washington Blvd , Suite 203
N. Ogden, UT 84414
Phone: 801.866.0324
Fax: 801.749.7248

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The Northern Utah ITEX office was started in 2003 and is the largest ITEX office in Utah helping our members do almost $3 million in trade transactions per year. Utah has close to 700 trading partners with another 24,000 nationwide making the barter opportunities almost endless!

Nationwide, ITEX members do $13 Milllion to $17 Million in trade transactions every MONTH!!!!! Are you taking advantage of this new business and cash savings?

As a member of the leading marketplace for cashless business transactions, ITEX can support your business in generating greater profits and assist you in securing a brighter future. Instead of buying the things you need and want with cash, members use ITEX dollars, which they earn by selling their products and services to other members.

ITEX is a fun and powerful network where people find new opportunities to do business that was not readily available to them before. Every business needs a trade organization to position itself for future growth and benefits. SGB Brent Burnett

Tinamarie Fowler is a trade GENIUS!! She has helped me put together deals that I could never have done alone. I consider my relationship with her and ITEX critical to my success.
Jonathan Jaussi Freedom Legal

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